Choosing a Caledonian Humanist Association wedding gives you the freedom to put your personal stamp on one of the biggest days of your life.

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Our Celebrants are there to guide you through the entire process. This personal approach ensures that your loved one will be given the warm, sincere and above all uplifting ceremony that they deserve.

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Naming Ceremonies

Welcome to the world wee one! For families with no religious beliefs but who still want to formally welcome a new arrival, a Humanist naming ceremony provides the perfect alternative.

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What is Humanism?

Who we are and what we do

Many of us share humanist beliefs without knowing it. Humanism is the outcome of a long tradition of free thought that has inspired many of the world's great thinkers and creative artists and gave rise to science itself. It is an ethical worldview, not just an atheistic or agnostic one.


Humanists believe:

  • that we can live good lives without reference to religious beliefs.
  • that we should try to live happy and fulfilled lives and help others to do so.
  • that there are more things that unite humanity than divide us.

However, definitions abound and there are longer and shorter versions. The fullest definition is contained in the 2002 Amsterdam Declaration of the International humanist and Ethical Union. If you want to read it for yourself, click here

"We think the old Scots (and Northern English) saying 'We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns' is a pretty good summary!"

One of the basic principles of Humanism is to make the most of the one life we have. In a practical sense we feel that this philosophy is best served by being there when you need us. To this end, the CHA provides a group of Celebrants who are highly trained, regulated and insured. Each will work closely with you to create a ceremony that is warm, inclusive and above all, deeply personal to those involved. 

Caring is sharing

The day to day administration costs of the Association are funded entirely by its Celebrants. Our aim is to keep these costs to an absolute minimum and any surplus funds will be donated to good causes. Therefore by choosing a CHA Celebrant, you are not only assured of a ceremony that is right for you, but also have the satisfaction of knowing that your ceremony will benefit those in need.

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