Anna Chapman


I have a varied working background, including hospitality, administration, and elderly care.  Whatever the position though, I have always been at the forefront, in customer facing roles, and providing an excellent level of customer care has always been paramount to me.

I first became interested in Humanist Celebrancy when planning my own wedding in 2014.  The more I learned about the philosophy of Humanism the more interested I became.  It seems clear to me that the key to a better future, whether in terms of an individual level or on a more global perspective, begins with the smallest of steps.  I believe that we can all strive to lead a life where we are mindful of each other, and of our own influence on the lives of others.

After much deliberation, I applied to become a Funeral Celebrant, undertaking a process of training, and mentoring, and I was overjoyed to be accepted.  For the first time, I felt that this was a job like no other, in that it “fitted” me. 

I never cease to be humbled when invited to conduct a funeral service.  It is such a privilege to be able to work with those closest to the deceased.  A brief visit with the family prior to the funeral means I can gather the information required to create a “biography” enabling me to conduct the service in a way that it is a meaningful and respectful celebration of the deceased’s life.   Each service therefore is a specially tailored and unique tribute which also brings some comfort to the bereaved. 



“Thank you for giving my Nan such a lovely service, we received lots of compliments on how nice the service was under the sad circumstances.  You did me, my mum, my uncle, and especially my Nan proud.  I’m happy that you were the one who helped us say goodbye to Nan”.


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