My name is Gareth and I’m from Edinburgh. I have lived here most of my days and love it!

For most of my professional life I ran a lovely Edinburgh Guest House

The most rewarding aspect of running the guest house was making guests from all walks of life and all corners of the globe feel welcome, entertained and looked after.  In conducting Humanist ceremonies I want to use those talents and more to help people through the significant moments in their lives. 

I’m available to conduct weddings and funerals.

I got married in 2014 and after attending a few Humanist ceremonies we knew we wanted have a Humanist wedding ceremony.  We loved having the input on the ceremony and getting to share “our story” with our nearest and dearest. It gave us a unique experience that set the tone for a fantastic day.  It was from there that I first started thinking about becoming a Celebrant myself. 

It’s a privilege to be able to help couples create a unique and personal ceremony. Tailoring the ceremony to suit their personality and allowing them the freedom to set the tone.

The rewarding aspect of conducting funerals is being able to help celebrate the life and personality of the person who has passed.  And create a ceremony that accurately reflects their character and passions.

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