Nikki Auld

Hi, my name is Nikki. I was born in Edinburgh, but following my heart, headed west to Glasgow and have lived there over half my life now. I love both of these fabulous cities as they are unique in there own way.

I have been a performer for over 30 years, working in stage, television and radio.

I worked for the children’s theatre company, The Happy Gang, for 8 years touring some of the grandest of theatres to the cosiest of village halls, and was a presenter for BBC children’s television.

I now sing with The Swingcats, a retro three-part harmony group.

Being a performer, I have had many jobs along the way, many of them working with the public and in various different walks of life. I enjoy engaging with people and listening to the stories of their lives.

I was raised as a Humanist, but at the time did not really realise that is what it was!  One day, after having a Humanist for my father’s funeral, I began to read what Humanism meant and it totally clicked.

I realised that this is what my father had instilled in me from a little child and on into my adulthood.

I have wanted to be a celebrant for many years now and now I have finally trained, I am delighted to be following my heart once more, down this very rewarding path. To me it is important at a funeral, that the person is remembered in a warm and humane way and even though there is, of course, bound to be tears, I would like to think maybe there will be some laughs too and hopefully at the end of it all, people will leave with their hearts lifted a little and warmed by memories shared.  

In my spare time I love the outdoors, especially the sea, old movies, theatre and star-gazing (when you can see them!)

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