Stephen McKerr

Personal Profile – Stephen McKerr

My name is Stephen McKerr. I live in Wishaw and have done so all of my life – I keep telling myself to broaden my horizons, but can’t seem to leave the wee town behind me! Home is where the heart is after all.

I have enjoyed quite a varied career so far. I went to Motherwell College and achieved an HND in Business Administration. This prepared me well for a variety of jobs in business from Civil Service, independent local companies, national organisations and even a short stint in a call centre.


Later in life, in fact on my 30th birthday, I had my very first day at University of Strathclyde where I studied English for 4 years, leaving with an honours degree.

During this time of study, I found my niche in life when I entered into the hospitality sector. I could put all my best skills into practice as well as having the privilege of being personally involved in couples’ weddings, which I have been doing for the last 8 years. The last 2 ½ years have been spent as a dedicated wedding co-ordinator as part of an award winning team. It just seems natural to progress to now conducting the ceremony itself.

Away from work, I like to relax by watching TV or movies (the old ones are most certainly the best) and reading, still enjoying the classics – Oliver Twist is one of my all time favourites

I make sure I find time for my family and friends spending days out at the cinema, or out looking around the shops – I can’t pass a candle shop though! Of course, there is the occasional night out.

Having witnessed hundreds of wedding ceremonies in my working life and of many different styles, I have always preferred Humanism for its dignified, yet informal tone. A Humanist Celebration affords choice and inclusion and this offers a bespoke and personal nature of ceremony as unique as the couple themselves.

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